msel_engineering_students_ani06I woke up to my obnoxiously loud alarm this morning at the sharp hour of 5:40 AM. Moaning and groaning, I slowly got myself to go brush my teeth and start getting ready for the day. As I contemplated what to wear, I began to think about what would be going on during the day. After eating breakfast with my family, I rushed out the door to my zero period Environmental Leadership Seminar class. This is a day in the life of a MarinSEL student.

In my zero period class we read an article about how Google is hiring more and more people who did not attend college. The article taught me that my high school GPA doesn’t determine my future, which is true. However, it does factor into my college future; in which case I need to continue to work hard for quite a bit more time.

Next was my Spanish class. Now don’t get me wrong here, I really do love that class. I have a spectacular teacher and she makes the class very active and engaging. But, today we began to watch a super strange movie. The movie was in Spanish so I got lost within the first couple minutes of watching it. Plus, the plot is crazy and twisted and all I could find myself thinking was: Can it be time for third period already?

Finally, after a long morning that was far from being over, I arrived at my third period MarinSEL Environmental Engineering and Technology class. This has to be, by far, my favorite class of the day. We never have a dull day in this class. Today was spent working on our spoons. I love the project because it allows each student to come up with their own creative design, as well as teaches us a lot about how wood works and what each tool in the woodshop can be used for. My spoon is sort of basic at first glance, but at the bottom I am going to carve out a butterfly (they’re kind of my thing). My spoon will be something I take with me outside of school and remember as the time I learned a lot by doing, not by being taught how to do something.

Now I could go on about the rest of my classes next but I think that would be very boring for me to write about and even more boring for you to read about. Let me just sum it up instead. In my AP Environmental Science class we took a test which is always just super exciting. In math, the class prepared for the test we are going to have on Monday, while I sat confused in my desk because I don’t even know how to do the first question. And lastly, in my English class we took a vocabulary quiz and did other written work with our table group. When I got home I started my homework and I probably won’t stop doing homework for many more hours tonight.

In conclusion, we have gathered that Engineering is my favorite class of the day for a few reasons. First of all we learn skills that will be helpful to us in the future. I also love the class because we get to BUILD. It is awesome to think about how I am taking just a simple piece of recycled wood and slowly forming it into a useful utensil with my own personal style on it. One more major reason I love it is because Ms. Oropallo, my teacher, shows us how excited she is to teach us which, then in return, makes us all excited to get to work building.

Now you may be wondering what the point is of reading all about a day in the life of an MSELer. Well, I have a challenge for you, reader. The next time you find yourself bored in class, or at work, or wherever you may be, I want you to get creative. Try and think about ways you can get creative and make your daily activities as fun as every day in third period is.

And I will end this fabulous blog with a few jokes.

What’s a tree’s favorite drink?


Why did the tree go to the dentist?

It needed a root canal!

Why did the tree go to the computer?

To log on!

Oh come on I don’t be-leaf you aren’t cracking up right now!



  1. I found that Google article interesting as well, it really puts what we think of as success in a wider perspective. It kind of made me feeldown though, because I really want to go to college! But I guess that everyone just has to make the choice that is right for them. Good job Ani!

  2. Ani, I loved the blog. The beginning part that depicts what the average morning of an MSELer looks like is so accurate. And I especially like the jokes at the end. Good way to end it!

  3. Ani! I loved your blog! It gave great insight to a day in the life of an MSELer. It’s great that you’re so inspired by engineering. I’m also stunned and super impressed that you do your homework on a Friday night! Nice job!

  4. ANI, I loved how you took us throughout the usual routine of an MSEL student. I think a lot of people don’t really know what goes on inside the classroom, so I’m glad you decided to write about it. I also love your love for engineering. (Ms. Oropallo and her class is awesome!) Great work.

  5. Ani, I like how you took the reader through your day, and focused on the fact that we actually get to build things by ourselves in engineering! Also i loved the jokes at the end. Great job butterfly!

  6. Ani! haha I really like how this was like an entry in a journal. It really shows they reader about your everyday life and lets them connect with you more plus I like the jokes at the end haha. Great work!

  7. Ani! I love your blog and how personal and entertaining you made it! You started out with a great hook, Ms.Else would be so proud! The way you describe your morning and your overall day as a student really connects with me, and I’m sure most other students. Your blog is interesting, engaging, and a great read. I say submit it for AP English 🙂 Good job!

  8. I liked how descriptive you were about your feelings about each class and the detail you went into to make your blog more interesting. The jokes at the end were also a very good idea and had me laughing!

  9. Nice job of taking us through a normal day in a well formatted manner that makes it seem more exciting than it really was. I’m glad I now know that butterflies are your “thing.” Also great jokes at the end. They had me ROTFLing.

  10. Ani, this blog was so nice and entertaining to read! I loved how you created an amusing story despite all the difficult and somewhat boring classes! I do agree that engineering is such a fun class. I especially like those puns you put in the end of your blog! Good work girl!

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