This project has allowed the MSEL class to get used to working with equipment many of us have yet to try. Others are polishing some already acquired skills.
Though there have been some minor drawbacks due to weather conditions and other classes, most people seem to be doing really well. There have been a few rainstorms, but other than soaking the coops that are outside, no damage has been done. All of our groups have finished the floors and are starting on the walls and legs of the coop. It’s exciting seeing all the progress. Each and every one of the designs of the coops is extremely unique. Some people are going for large complex coops, while others are staying on the small side, but with flair.
We also recently received news that one of the LEAD project groups is going to use one of our chicken coops at TL. It’s going to be awesome with chickens here. I think we should get the fluffy ones.
We have also been learning how to use many of the tools in the woodshop. We have improved greatly compared to when we started this school year. Building chicken coops is really not that dangerous, unless you’re doing everything wrong… so do things right!


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