Daily Nugget of Knowledge

Daily Nugget of Knowledge

Fellow readers, thanks for tuning in for your Daily Nugget of Knowledge by your fan favorite Nich Barrolaza.  This class has been a real roller coaster of emotions, but I can’t lie it has been a real barrel of fun! Me and my gang of four have been assigned to build a playhouse for some second graders.  The communication at the beginning of the year was a bit bumpy, but we sat down and told each other to not to get frustrated and everything would be A OK.

We decided to build a castle thanks to the comments and ideas made by the second grade class of Vallecito.  We started our building process by going to lumber and junk yard to find valuable resources.  I thought that it would be cool if we had a fire-pole for the kids to slide down after they scaled the side of our eight foot climbing wall.  After we had gathered all our resources we got to the fun part…Building!

This is where Ms.O’s 2nd period class gets fun.  Everyday I wake up looking forward to this class because it is not your typicality English class where you sit around in your desk and talk about some boring book that only the teacher finds interesting.  In this class you use real world skills through the process of hands on work.  We use big tools likes saws and nail guns to form such craftsmanship.  Nothing stops us from getting the job done. Nothing!  The gang and I have built through the pouring El Nino rain.  That is another reason why this class is better than any other class.

All and all This class has taught me how to use a variety of different tools that I will definitely be using in the future. It also builds up and develops different skills including leadership and communication.  To be honest this is my favorite class and can’t wait to see what our final castle will look like.

Nicholas Barrolaza

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  1. iswallow says:

    Watching your playhouse grow to the size that it did was very impressive, to say the least. I’m super happy that it turned out the way you’re wanting it to!

  2. ameshcheryakov says:

    I love the way our playhouse turned out and really enjoyed your unique intro

  3. epowers says:

    I love this class too! your playhouse looks great and the kids love it!!!

  4. juliana.swanson says:

    I’m glad to see that you enjoy this class so much. The castle theme is definitely a winner.

  5. esmith says:

    As a member of Nich’s gang, I can tell you that it as definitely been a ride, but a super fun one! I also love the class and I really cannot wait to see how the playhouses turn out.

  6. kwaterbury says:

    I’m glad that you like the class so much. Your playhouse looks amazing, and the kids loved it. You can really tell how much work you guys put into it.

  7. cameronch says:

    I like how you started out the post, it made me immediately want to read it!

  8. nslanec nslanec says:

    Engineering is my favorite class too and I wish we had more hands on courses we could take.

  9. sremedios says:

    I really like how you write in an engaging way and describe how much you enjoy this class.

  10. mmcdaniel says:

    Your group did have a really good idea of making the playhouse look like a castle! I also enjoyed working in the rain even though I got soaked!

  11. jgirgurina says:

    This is my favorite class too , and working in the pouring rain has been one of the highlights of the year!

  12. eschultz says:

    I agree with Lukas, the rain was actually sort of fun to work in.

  13. Kmack Kmack says:

    Very enthusiastic writing Nich. I agree, this class has been and continues to be a barrel of fun!

  14. ercharlton says:

    Great blog, I too enjoy learning life skills while doing work that is hands on

  15. sstilson says:

    I must admit, when the second graders all picked your playhouse as their favorite, they were on to something. Nice job!

  16. hunterbiel says:

    I am also very excited about the class and look forward to it. The little road bumps along the way have brought our class and groups closer, also who doesn’t love building in the rain!!!

  17. mjames says:

    I think the castle idea was a really cool one and I cant wait until its finished!

  18. apham says:

    I like how it’s your favorite class to wake up and go to, it just proves how unqiue it is.

  19. lukastroller says:

    This was an awesome post. I as well enjoyed working in the rain; I think it builds character! The castle looks great.

  20. hnorman says:

    Our class has gotten closer because of engineering and that is really cool. And your playhouse is awesome as well.

  21. gelias says:

    I thoroughly enjoed the title of this article and your relatable metaphores! It so has been a rollercoaster of emotions!

  22. rgiusti says:

    I really enoyed how you told your story, it was very enjoyable to read

  23. mkrizek says:

    I really enjoy this class. I too wake up and am excited to build and add on to our amazing structure. I can’t wait until we paint the playhouse and really make it look like a castle.

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