Chicken Coops: A Perpetual Mission

As another quarter is soon coming to an end, our chicken coops have yet to be completed. Week after grueling week the construction of the coops lingers on. It is well known that the chicken coop is meant to be a project long-term project however, it must come to an end. While gradual progress is said to success in itself, I feel that it rings true to a certain extent. As we enter our fifth month of construction, it has been said by some students that “this project will never end”. Although that statement is obviously exaggerated, when a project is taking longer than it should, groups lose focus, energy, enthusiasm, and the initial passion and excitement is amiss. It becomes exorbitantly easier to fall off task, the work grows increasingly sloppier, and participants grow to resent their work no matter how intriguing the project may have been thought out to be.

Despite this factual yet harsh statements, I am proud to say that our class has maintained a steady work flow. Day after day my classmates are putting in hard work and while the outcomes may be fewer on some days, there is not a doubt in my mind that the chicken coops will be anything less than extraordinary. For the majority of the class, this is their first time using these tools and building actual structures. With that, lets wrap up these coops and move on to our next adventure.

by Mia Stein

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  1. heslerd says:

    Well written blog. It was pretty cool building it.

  2. jonathanw says:

    I like it! As we worked on the project i would agree that even though it was becoming a grueling task to finish, we all stuck with it, and finished.

  3. nicm says:

    Looking back, we have all changed so much since our freshman year, and certainly for the better. I definitely look forward to spending this next year with the best class in Terra Linda. Love you guys!

  4. khanht khanht says:

    Though it is true that this is a crazy long project, it is worth every single minute because it is by far the best project we’ve ever done in MSEL – at least for me. We get to do so many creative stuff and Senora Oropollo is supremely supportive and fun to work with.

  5. anapaulav anapaulav says:

    They’re almost ready to share with the world!!!

  6. dahlyah says:

    The project is taking a while, but I really like it and I can’t wait to see what people think of them.

  7. avaa says:

    I agree that its been a long time when I actually sit and count the days, however, it feels like a lot less when we are working 🙂

  8. taylors taylors says:

    It has been a long time working on the coops, but look how amazing they look now! I am so amazed how all of them have turned out. I never thought our group could pull off a hexagonal coop, but we have!

  9. meronee says:

    Yes, at first I did think this project was taking very long, but it’s a life lesson in it’s self that things do take time. But we don’t think about the person behind the scenes, Ms. Oropallo has bent over backwards to create a fun and welcoming environment for us. We should all take a moment to be thankful and apreshiate that someone one would do this for us.!

  10. selenak says:

    After all Rome wasn’t built in a day. Good things take time, not ever second can be all fun and games…

  11. inesg inesg says:

    i don’t know, i actually like this project a lot. I have a great group and Im learning new things every day from building, i don’t find the length of this project troubling at all

  12. Miguel F. Miguel F. says:

    we definetly do put in work every day. It is constant always working everybody in the class

  13. amberl says:

    It’s hard to believe how long we’ve been working on these coups. Great blog!

  14. brendav says:

    This is the longest project I have done, but its the most exciting!! Looking forward to the finished products.

  15. tarenb says:

    Wow ya I think this is the longest project we have worked on ever and we are also working on it.

  16. Patrick Shami Patrick Shami says:

    I love this project! Although it may be taking longer than expected, I believe the educational value is much greater than that of many small projects. Groups are working at different paces and with no deadlines the coops could potentially take the rest of the year. I have faith that my peers will pull together, finish the coops, and fill the air with excitement as we begin our next project!

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