So I’m responsible for the last blog of the semester. And it seems right to write a recap of what we did as a class this entire semester under the care of Ms. Oropallo.

Throughout this semester, improvements could be seen in every student. Things that seemed so alien to many of us at first, such as the saws, drills, measurement tools, are becoming more familiar, in fact, they are just kiddy tools that we use daily in order accomplish our tasks.

I’m sure by now, if you’ve been following our blog, you would know that our MSEL class is currently on a mission of building chicken coops. Everyone has been working diligently on their chicken coops for the past few months and the chicken coops are really coming together. The plan is that we will be done with them by the next semester. I personally can’t wait to see the outcome of this project. But of course, we couldn’t do any of this without the help of the superwoman Oropallo. She is our class mentor and a great source of inspiration for those who have no idea what they’re doing. Ehem. Thank you Ms. Oropallo for being the coolest teacher when it comes to problem solving.

Personally, this class is probably one of my favorite classes this year, if not the only one. We get exciting hands-on experience, and not some complicated theories about life from some boring textbook. We got to put our knowledge into real life situations to build something that could actually be used and benefit others when finished. Junior year might be a tough year, so a class that could separate us from harsh reality of difficult courses and extra curricular activities that many of our MSEL juniors are taking? Sign me up.

Let’s see what the spring will bring to us.



  1. Yes, i totally agree Ms. O is such an inspiration when it comes to building. She makes it seem like at 16, we’re able to build anything. Definitely improved this semester and hope even more during the spring. Can’t wait to finish these coops!

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