MSEL Engineering with Allison OropalloWe began our exciting week in engineering with a visit from the IJ! Sheila had ordered us all new Marin SEL engineering shirts, that looked great, and we all wore them while the people from the IJ took photos, recorded, and interviewed us. While the IJ was there we got to test our wind turbine prototypes with an air current simulator that Ms. Oropallo made for us. Later that week we watched and read the article that the IJ had created. It was great to see pictures of us and videos of us working and Ani had a great interview, however Mael and Dylan made it even better as they played with a wooden dowel in the background. Monday was an exciting day for everyone in MSEL!

By Wednesday, we continued working on our wind turbines by graphing the speed of the fastest prototypes that were the most successful. We were divided into groups with four people in each group and we all contributed together in creating a graph that would work best. As soon as we finished that we created questions for the engineers that were going to visit us. By, creating questions for the engineers we came up with concerns or questions we had towards engineering. Therefore, this was going to create a great opportunity in asking questions that we didn’t know about the engineering field and about the engineers background towards becoming an engineer.

On Thursday we were joined by Dwight and others from the Energy Recovery team who came and answered our question. We had submitted question the previous day to Ms. Oropallo and she sent them to Energy Recovery so they could come in prepared. It was awesome getting to hear about how they became engineers and all the interests they MSEL Engineering with Allison Oropallohad while they were growing up. They talked about taking a liking towards math and physics, which who wouldn’t love! We also learned about how many different fields of engineering there is. It was exciting to learn about their own experiences and what got them involved in engineering.

At the end of the week we were able to put back our hands on the hammers pulling out nails from wood that was donated to us. We were all hard working on working on recycling boxes or pulling out nails . By having a successful week and finally coming up with a wind turbine that worked the best was an accomplishment because we had worked on this project for weeks and created different models to see which one worked the best. Likewise by the end of the day we all left with something new we learned that week and with an accomplishment of helping one another grow as leaders but by working together as whole for our community.


  1. I really liked your blog because it made me realize all the different things we did throughout a week. the shirts Sheila ordered were so cool and arrived just in time for the MarinIJ. My favorite part of the week was when the engineers from Energy Recovery came in and answered all of our questions. It was really interesting to hear what they had to say about certain things and why they chose to be engineers.

  2. Bertha! I know this is our blog but I finally got to read you part and it’s very nice in describing how at the end we got to get back into the swing of engineering and also find the best design for our turbine!

  3. It is great to see all the different things we have done in the class in just one week. We used creativity in building and graphing the wind turbines, we learned by asking questions, and we did some plain and simple hard work. The blog shows how we get every aspect of learning from engineering. Great Job!

  4. Having the question answer session with the engineers was probably one of my favorite days in MSEL Engineering. It was so cool to hear from all of them about their own personal experience with choosing their field; that’s information you can’t just find online. I hope we get to talk to the engineers from Energy Recovery again soon.

  5. I thought it was really fun to talk to the engineers and not have our conversations be so formal. It was cool getting to know them and joking around with them! It’s too bad we weren’t able to see them again and get their help on our final!

  6. It was really cool having the IJ there on Monday as we all tested out our ideas! Plus, now we’re practically famous.

    Thursday was so interesting as we got to learn so much more about the engineering career path, and it was cool that we got to devise the questions to ask the engineers.

    I’m glad that you think we had such a successful week. I agree that we learned a lot, which is great!

  7. Getting our engineering shirts was a blast! It was also very insightful when the different engineers got to exchange stories about themselves to our class. After they got to share their stories, a bunch of us got inspired to look more into an engineering path for their future.

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