WHO THOUGHT OF THIS??? AP testing? Whaaaaaa?

This week has been an overly stressful week for many of us. With the majority taking an AP course feel as though they have been carrying a lot of weight on their back, literally(hehe.) Many have been carrying AP books and flashcards in an attempt to focus on their subjects and trying to do well on the AP test. The courses range from AP Environmental Science to AP Spanish. It has been acknowledged that junior year is the most tough year yet. We have been confronted with sleepless nights and tough lessons. With one month left of school, many of our bodies are are halfway out the door while the other half is halfway through textbooks. However, we will still continue to do well within our classes and push through what is left of school. With that said, within this last month of school, we will be designing and building a robot in our MSEL Engineering Technology.

The project couldn’t have come at a better time! Will this cloud of stress hogging over us, the project is the ray of sunshine we have desperately needed!

When having had seen the robot, a spark of excitement and questions were ignited within us. Did she make it? How? What does it do? Is that a syringe? Are we making one?

Luckily,yes. As one of the last projects, Ms.Oropallo decided to have us design and build our own robot with a partner. Ms. Oropallo also handed us a packet that included background information on the required functions the robot must meet. Within the packet, there was also information about Pascal’s Laws, pneumatics, and hydraulics. Looking through the packet, I found myself noticing all the math this project may require. Although math isn’t my strongest subject, I find it really cool. I love how this project incorporates math skills, i

magination, engineering, technology, and serious environmental issues.

The scenario within this project was that a massive oil spill has occurred and no human wanted to interact with the toxic waste. Luckily, a robot could serve as an aide. Having this scenario incorporated with the project helps us see the possibilities within engineering and technology. The possibilities within technology are endless.

As we begin this project and head towards finals, the message I would like to leave you with is, “May the odds be ever in your favor.” 



  1. Awesome blog Maria! I love having this positivity in our Marin SEL family! Yes, AP testing was stressful and annoying and sleep-depriving and draining and tiring and all that, but engineering let’s us use creative skills and doesn’t stress us out!! Anyways.. sorry if that comment was not really about engineering…

  2. You were right on point with your description of AP testing! This robot arm project is exactly what we needed to get our mines off of memorizing formulas, facts, and definitions and using our minds for creativity! Great job!

  3. Maria, you are spot on with the AP stress. AHH. But the robot project is really cool and I’m glad you are so de-stressed by it. Plus I love that you enjoy using math skills in the project despite admitting that it wasn’t your strongest subject. That shows that you are really up for anything and ready to take on any challenge with strong enthusiasm. Awesome blog!

  4. I’m sorry that you’ve lost lots of sleep in your late nights of studying and finishing homework. I liked reading your post, it just got me more excited for the robot project in engineering. Great post maria!

  5. Good job Maria! I really liked your blog. This project with the robots sure is gonna be an interesting one! haha. Luckily I didn’t take an AP class, cause I don’t think my back could take the stress! And first post creds!!

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