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The banging of the hammers seems to have no end as nail after nail is pounded into the wood. The saw is off an on non-stop as the shed starts to come together.

In engineering class one day we were told about an ROP Engineering program where we would be building a shed. Instantly, I decided this was NOT the class for me and it went in one ear and out the other. However, a couple thing stood out such as, “no experience necessary” and “five extra credits for school”. With some motivation from a friend, I finally decided that I would try it out.

Trying it out turned out to be a very smart decision, as I look forward to the class every Wednesday. The first few classes were all education and safety but soon the real fun began. We began with making sawhorses that ended up being very useful. Soon it was time to start the shed. Me being me, I obviously had no idea what to do. Just using a hammer was a struggle enough. But a skill saw too? I figured being one of the only girls in the group as well as completely useless at using tools that my job would be unplugging and plugging in the saw. For the first few classes my prediction came true but very soon I was thrown in the mix of things and I have learned so much.

I could just make a list of the things that you can learn in this class but I feel like that would just be a spoiler. Maybe a few won’t hurt. The first thing I learned to do was hammer. After the first day I was thrown into things, I hammered for almost three hours straight. The entire week following, my arm was so sore that just writing an essay was a struggle. Yet I couldn’t wait to go back. I thought that everyone could hammer with no problem but believe it or not it did take some technique and strength.

Me, being the girl that I am, seemed like a little bit of a shocker to all these big construction men. I have rightfully earned my name Giggles in the class. At first they seemed a little weirded out at how much I giggle at absolutely everything, but I think they’re getting used to it. Maybe. The next big shocker was that my friend and I were wearing brand name clothing to this class. The first time I backed up into glue in my favorite Miss Me’s was a big downer for me and a big laugh for the instructor. Ms. Oropallo told us we need to wear uglier pants to this class and that she can’t wait until we get our clothes dirty but the Lulu Lemons, Miss Me’s, and True Religions aren’t going anywhere soon,

This engineering class has been an awesome experience. I have learned so much in such a short period of time and its been pretty empowering. It is such a great class that everyone could benefit from. My dad is a woodworker and I have been able to help him so much after this class and even teach him a couple things. Not trying to be a salesperson, especially since this class is free to students, but anyone and everyone could benefit and learn from this class.

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  1. Ember Ember says:

    Nice blog, Kiki! I am really interested in this ROP class. Nice pictures! 🙂

  2. Joanmarie Joanmarie says:


    I loved how at first you were unsure about joining this kind of ROP class (like me) and now you really like it! I’m glad that you got your credits as well as know more about the skills for engineering!

  3. nivie nivie says:

    Kiki this blog was very well-written and fun to read! I sort of regret not joining the class, but I will definitely look into it for next year! It seems like you learn very helpful skills! Thank you for the great blog!

  4. Meredith100 says:

    Great job on the blog! I love this class and can’t wait to graduate to show off all our hard work! Keep working hard!

  5. ethanking123 ethanking123 says:

    Nice Job Chiara! Your blog is very well written and definitely sold me on the benefits of taking the class. The class seemed to greatly improve your construction skills and it seems like you are now one of the most skilled msel builders.

  6. Dorian Stocking Dorian Stocking says:

    I like how you talked about your ROP class! Great blog Chiara!!

  7. kiera kiera says:

    Great blog Chiara! It was nice to hear about the ROP class. It sounds really beneficial and fun. Loved the pictures in the beginning.

  8. KaylaHope says:

    Seeing all your pictures and hearing about all the skills you learned in ROP makes me want to join! You definitely are Giggles, good job!

  9. Sophi Sophi says:

    I’m really glad that you’re gaining so much from the engineering class and it’s awesome that you get credits too! Sorry about your pants though…

  10. Casey says:

    It sounds like a lot of fun and it’s so cool that you’ve learned so much. It seems like you know how to do everything in class.

  11. Natalia Natalia says:

    I am so glad that you wrote about this! I wanted to take the class but never got to so I’m happy to hear that it has been a great experience!

  12. Sami McLaughlin Sami McLaughlin says:

    Loved the blog chich. You always have cute shirts, I’m jelly. Also, what you did in that class sounds like so much fun, and really beneficial, especially since we are taking engineering. You are an inspiration, definitely encourage others to take it!

  13. claireparkinson claireparkinson says:

    Your construction class sounds really cool and it made you so helpful during class! 🙂

  14. KingLouis KingLouis says:

    Nice blog! It has been really fun doing the ROP class and it was awesome seeing how we made sheds from scratch and converted a shipping container into a small house! Overall, good job on the blog

  15. JTooms911 says:

    Awesome blog double Ki, I enjoyed finally hearing about the ROP class in detail. And liked those pics at the top!

  16. Ani Pirinjian Ani Pirinjian says:

    I liked reading about the ROP class and I loved all the pictures at the beginning 🙂

  17. Dylan Adler Dylan Adler says:

    Nice blog Chiara. It was cool hearing about your construction class. Those pictures are nice too. It looks like that class has been very successful. Nice.

  18. maria2015 maria2015 says:

    So glad to hear you’ve enjoyed the ROP class! You and Meredith have really gained a lot of skills and experiences that can be used the the MSEL Engineering class.

  19. cheyenne.biel cheyenne.biel says:

    Great blog, Chiara! I’m glad you were able to benefit so much from this class! I liked how you explained what you learned, without revealing any spoilers. Well written! Keep up the good work!

  20. Alyssa Ceccanti-Harris Alyssa Ceccanti-Harris says:

    Nice blog! We haven’t really heard about how the ROP class is going considering only a few MSELers are in it, so it was cool to hear about what you guys are doing!

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