This week, we will be taking a detour away from the engineering classroom to learn new things at the San Francisco Academy of Sciences. This field trip has been highly anticipated for months, and us MarinSEL juniors are getting prepared to fill our minds with inspiring, scientific knowledge.

The Academy of Sciences is a unique museum located in Golden Gate Park. It contains an aquarium, a planetarium, and a natural history museum all under one living green roof. The museum has over 40,000 live animals to study and learn about. This museum attracts people, not only from around the Bay Area, but from around the world. It is a popular destination for travelers visiting the area.

Unfortunately, we will be missing class time for this field trip, so we have one less day to work on our beautifully progressing coops. Since we are getting close to finishing, everyone is working hard and trying out new things; some of us are even going to learn how to weld and work with rubber cement!

The Academy of Sciences represents a move towards environmental technology with its living roof and other attractions. Its modern twist on science and the environment will definitely have an influence on us. We will not only be inspired to make our chicken coops to the best of our ability, but to think outside the box with other environmental projects in the future.

Speaking of environmental technology, we will soon be building solar phone chargers on Mondays when we have a shorter period! Very exciting.

A big thank you to the Academy of Sciences for letting us have a free tour, and to all of the other volunteers, community partners, and most importantly, Ms. Oropallo for making MarinSEL engineering an amazing experience for all of us.

by Julietta and Ana Paula


  1. This field trip was an amazing look behind the scenes of one of the most environmentally conscience place on earth. Its amazing what they do, and the steps they have taken to give back to mother nature.

  2. Although I did not attend, the hype generated within our MarinSEL community about this trip was enormous. In the words of a fellow classmate, “It was an amazing adventure into the realm of science.” I am truly disappointed that I couldn’t make it but I strongly look forward to it should it happen again.

  3. This field trip was amazing! definitely one to remember. We all had such a good time and learn a lot at the same time. It amazed me how every part of the building served to create a more sustainable space.

  4. Okay… so I really liked the fish in the jars. It’s really gross if you really think about it but they are so interesting and cool ๐Ÿ™‚ Also it was neat visiting that scientist guy that was making the 3D models on the computer of a preserved lizard because I was really, really excited about all the animal related, sciencey, biology stuff by that point(and he had the same art tablet I have at home… hahaha)

  5. 40,000??? I can’t believe you remember that number, and that’s honestly such a wide variety of species that I probably have no idea about. I was expecting the tour to pertain more to the stations and activities at the California Academy of Sciences, but it was awesome to learn about the building’s many factors of sustainability.

  6. eyyy this was a fun blog i really liked it. it was so awesome to get to see the aisles of dead fish that have been sitting in those jars since the 1800’s! the living roof was cool and just the entire field trip as a whole (with the sushi at the end) was sooooo great! thanks ms.O for organizing that!

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